You’ve decided to you want your company to take on a sustainability or environmental program. Great! Now, you want to spread the word so the community sees that you’re being a good steward of the environment, that you can inspire others to make positive changes or build your company’s reputation for being green and earth-friendly.

Whatever the objective, here are four tips that will help ensure your environmental PR efforts are a success.

1. Quantify the benefits

It’s great if you’re instituting a recycling program, or decreasing the amount of single-use plastics at your place of business. However, without broader context, the impact those initiatives have won’t be clear. How much waste are you reducing? How many tons of materials will you be recycling? How many products will you be replacing with a green option? For all a journalist knows, a recycling program can be anywhere from a full-scale operation that will keep tons of trash out of the landfill to just putting a blue bin next to employees’ desks. Context matters.  

2. Explain the why

Why is your company undertaking these new green measures? Is it a feeling of responsibility to take care of the planet? Is it because your employees or consumers demanded it? Whatever the reason, it gives something for people to relate to. Just make sure that reason goes beyond profit motives (more on that later).

3. Maintain the momentum

Use your first announcement as a way to build momentum toward additional measures. Highlight the large measures first and follow up with other, smaller initiatives. You are more likely to get coverage on those if you make it part of an overall strategy or plan to make the company more environmentally friendly. If you announce a company-wide recycling program, follow it up a couple of months later with an announcement that you’re giving to a green non-profit later. This can help build momentum for your company and keep it in the news for good reasons.

4. Keep the focus on the good

Even if the decision was made for financial reasons, keep the focus on the environment. We’re all in business to make money, but in a story about sustainability, profits and losses become secondary to the bigger picture. If there are tangible financial benefits to the decision, those can be mentioned, but don’t make them the centerpiece.

If want to make a PR splash with a new company-wide sustainability measure, contact Orange Orchard at 865.977.1973. We’re experts at getting the word out about the good in the world companies are doing for the world.