While your animal welfare organization has markedly different goals than a corporation, both have a need for visibility.

But what most nonprofits need that for-profit corporations don’t need are volunteers. Most nonprofits have to have volunteers to carry out tasks they can’t perform with limited paid staff.

And one of the best ways to draw in these volunteers is to build your organization’s visibility and credibility. An animal welfare public relations plan can help you do that.

Build Relationships

One of the most important aspects of PR is its ability to tell your story so that you can build and maintain relationships with your target audience.

At its core, PR is about influencing and engaging with an audience across numerous platforms. This can include everything from sending out press releases to maintaining engagement on your organization’s social media accounts.

Continuing an effective communications campaign keeps your name top of mind. As people become more familiar with your organization and its mission, the more they feel they know you. Once they feel invested, they’re more likely to volunteer their time to help your organization.

Build Credibility

PR also helps you build credibility with your target audience. For people to trust your organization enough to donate money or time, you need to build up your reputation.

An effective PR team already has connections with existing, reputable media organizations. They will work on your behalf to get suggested stories and information about your organization out to those media outlets.

As studies have shown, more people trust information when it comes from earned media – news issued by in impartial third party. But it can be difficult to get news about your organization into these trusted media spaces without an advocate.

Once your organization has been featured by an impartial news outlet, potential volunteers will feel more comfortable offering to donate their time.

And this is the job of the professionals at Orange Orchard. Orange Orchard was founded with the goal of promoting those organizations that want a healthier, cleaner and kinder world.

Not only does our staff share in your compassion for animals, we are also talented communicators and advocates for your cause.

If your animal welfare organization needs more volunteers, it’s time to call Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We want to build your credibility and get you the help you need.