In April of 2020, The Vegan Society conducted a survey that found 20% of consumers in the U.K. had already reduced their meat intake during the pandemic. We consider that alone a win, but here’s the really exciting news:

Out of those who have reduced their meat or dairy consumption, 41% did so due to their preferred product not being available on the supermarket shelves, while 43% chose to reduce their meat consumption out of concern for health, environmental or animal rights reasons.

This means that while simple supply issues turned a large portion of the population toward plant-based alternatives, an even greater amount chose vegan options out of want rather than necessity.

For all of the darkness that came with 2020, the previous 12 months have opened the eyes of countless consumers to cleaner, gentler alternatives to animal products. There’s no doubt your brand has enjoyed a heightened interest.

But even if your company has sustained success from 2020 through this month of Veganuary, are you prepared for the months ahead? Even if supply chain issues for animal products begin to subside, more consumers than ever are now well-aware that plant-based products, especially meat alternatives, are indeed tasty and satisfying choices.

It’s time to strike while the iron is hot, and it’s important to sustain and build upon the momentum gained through early 2021. Investing in highly specialized, vegan public relations can grant you the edge you need over fierce competition. A team that understands both your product and your why, like Orange Orchard, will be better equipped to tell your story accurately and secure results.

From announcing new products with effective press releases to identifying and submitting your brand for coveted industry awards, a vegan public relations agency can help elevate your brand awareness and keep you top-of-mind among consumers desiring to continue reducing their consumption of animal products.

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