Did you know that more than 600,000 people signed up for Veganuary in 2022? Participants signed up from 228 countries and territories. For those that might not know, Veganuary is an organization that encourages people around to try vegan for the month of January and even beyond, if you’re so moved.

To break it down and throw out some more impressive numbers: More than 1,500 new vegan and plant-based products were created for Veganuary, and the campaign was featured in more than 4,000 media stories.

It’s kind of a big deal.

And here’s the thing, the plant-based lifestyle is only going to grow in popularity. Over 1,500 new products came out of the woodwork for Veganuary last year, and in 2023, the movement’s popularity is expected to be even bigger.

From plant-based seafood — no, really — to clean label brands, plant-based trends are a big part of the coming year. In fact, Datassential’s 2023 Food Trends estimates that 40% of consumers will be buying plant-based meat products in 2023.

With growing demand and more and more options daily, how do you stand out? What sets your plant-based product apart from this one or that one? It all starts with a plant-based public relations agency. Partnering with a like-minded PR agency gives you a leg up on the competition. We can help you become a thought leader in the industry as well as put a spotlight on your product.

  • Through social media, we can highlight your product and build your brand, explaining what sets you apart from the competition.
  • By garnering earned media, we can help reach your target audience. By securing interviews with trusted industry publications as well as mainstream outlets, we can put you in front of consumers around the country.
  • Our team can also help coordinate networking opportunities, including speaking engagements and trade shows.

As folks continue to start making better choices, we want to make sure they’re choosing you. Give us a call today at 865-977-1973, and let’s make it happen.