Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. With more than half of the world’s population using some sort of platform as of 2022, it’s a powerful tool for organizations looking to make a big impact. A team experienced with animal welfare public relations strategies can work with you to identify the best ways to tell your story and reach your fundraising goals, from search engine optimization to content creation.

Consider the right platforms for your cause

Some platforms will be more effective than others when it comes to a successful social media campaign. You can quickly stretch your organization thin if you’re having to create multiple types of content, writing specifically for the platforms, and resize images to fit the ideal sizes for posts. Start by identifying your target audience and then consider where you’re more likely to reach those individuals.

Create engaging digital media

The quality of your content will make or break your social media campaign. Attracting new supporters means being visually engaging, sincere, and accurate. The good news is that people love animals – especially online! In fact, data found that engagement rates of posts with animals soar 63% higher than the average business post. Reels, stories, photos, vlogs, and more all offer opportunities to show rather than just tell.

A common concern is running out of things to post. What if there’s nothing new to announce? This is where positive, proactive media outreach can take your organization to new heights. Our experienced public relations team knows how to secure opportunities to discuss your cause without the need for an immediately obvious news angle, from magazine features to podcast interviews. This continuous exposure will keep your mission in the spotlight so your platforms can avoid any dry spells.

Interact with your supporters

One of the most wonderful things about social media is the way it connects us to other people. Don’t treat your platforms as a megaphone. Respond to comments, like posts you’re tagged in, and share news and blogs from other sources that discuss your cause. Encouraging your followers to like and share your content is also likely to spread the word to like-minded people, creating a continuous ripple effect of additional donations and support.

Maintaining a consistent online presence is a big undertaking, but an experienced animal welfare public relations agency can take on the heavy lifting for you. Have questions about getting started? Our experts at Orange Orchard have you covered. Give us a call today at 865-977-1973 or reach us online.