Construction companies and environmentalists haven’t always been the best of friends, but thankfully, that trend is changing. Developers and construction companies are seeing the benefits of going green and using sustainable construction practices. The more socially conscious millennials are putting their money where their mouths are and supporting companies in the construction industry that align with their values.

While doing the right thing is rewarding in itself, getting the word out about your efforts can benefit your business and help build your good reputation. That’s where an experienced environmental public relations agency like Orange Orchard can help.

The Creek in Your Backyard

If you’re running a small- to mid-sized construction company, chances are your work is local. One way to align yourself with the green building movement and set yourself apart from other builders is to demonstrate a firm commitment to protecting local streams and watersheds.

We’ve all seen muddy creeks and rivers after a big rain. Poorly managed construction sites are big contributors of sediment in local creeks. Exposed topsoil is swept into the nearest creek when it rains. Too much sediment harms aquatic plants and animals, makes water harder for utility districts to clean, and destabilizes the streambed. Not to mention, clear creeks make your community more attractive to potential homeowners than muddy creeks.

Act and Educate

There are several steps you can take to support local water quality efforts. First, be sure your company is following best practices for sediment control, including properly installed and maintained silt fences. Do your part and be conscientious, and local water quality advocates will notice.

Consider joining your local Adopt-A-Creek program. These operate like Adopt-A-Highway litter pickup programs, with organizations volunteering to clean debris and litter out of a creek and perform stream health monitoring.

Partner with your local water quality organization to visit schools and educate kids about stream health. You can even host water quality best practices education days at your site for other construction professionals.

Get the Word Out

Of course, it’s important to let people know about your water quality efforts. A public relations firm with experience in the environmental or construction fields can help you with a social media plan, blogging, and press releases to local media about your efforts. At Orange Orchard, we specialize in planet-friendly construction public relations, while our original agency, Ripley PR, has a long history of success representing the construction industry. Our combined expertise will get your message in front of those you most want to reach.