As a green construction business owner, you are making a difference. From saving energy to reducing building waste, your work is making an impact on the environment. While you want to share about the good you’re doing, it can be challenging to find the right avenue.

Here’s the good news: your target clients want to know. They want to hear about all the things you’re doing for our planet, because they care just as much as you do. And with green construction public relations, you can celebrate the green milestones you’re making in unique and effective ways.

New hires, target achievements, awards, efficiency implementations and acquisitions are just a few newsworthy topics that can result in a press release or TV interview.

Through PR, you can also share about the difference you’re making through newspaper articles, podcasts, magazine placement, the list goes on. An experienced public relations agency like Orange Orchard will know where to start, and the best tone to take when speaking about your environmental wins to your target clients. When potential clients see what you’re doing for our planet from the trustworthy sources that PR uses, they’re more likely to consider your business over those not using PR.

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