As our Great Pyrenees patrolled the family farm steering the other animals from harms way, it was easy to see how important animals are to our way of life. Animals provide protection, food, help the environment and more.

It’s important, when choosing a cruelty-free public relations firm to promote your initiatives, that you choose someone who truly understands. We’re passionate about it here at Orange Orchard.

A team like Orange Orchard, can promote your initiatives the right way with a strategic plan with your best interests in mind.

Through press releases, we can get your news/events out to the correct media outlets. A well-written press release that understands your lingo can catch the eye of your target media. This can lead to earned media opportunities.

As the media continues to see your press releases hit the wire and their inbox, you’ll be on their mind, and they just may need to fire up the email and request you as a source on a story they’re working on. Through this, and manual media pitching, the right cruelty-free PR firm can get you coverage to promote your cruelty-free initiatives and position you as a thought leader.

With proper media training, and you knowing your stuff, the more coverage in the media you get, then that’s more publicity. That’s more eyeballs seeing you as a leader in the industry. As a thought leader, you have the potential to give back more to those you serve. Whether you’re simply a make up brand that uses cruelty-free initiatives for your products, or an organization dedicated to animal welfare, being a thought leader can open doors for future success.

Content + media opportunities + thought leader = more awareness for cruelty-free initiatives.

There’s more to the recipe than the above mentioned; Orange Orchard can provide the ingredients.

If you’d like to see how cruelty-free public relations can get your message out there, contact us today or give us a call at 865-977-1973.