As the demand for cruelty free products increases faster than ever before, so does your brand awareness. Overall, this can be great for your company, but what if something was to take a turn for the worse?

When donning the cruelty free label, you are expected to hold your brand to a higher standard but are you prepared if that standard was to be brought into question? Do you have a plan of action in place if your supply chain became tainted or your certifications are being challenged? What if a figure head for the brand is spotted wearing a fur coat and shared around on the socials?

These things can happen and having a seasoned team of cruelty free public relations professionals on retainer and a crisis plan in place can create peace of mind. The right PR professionals can help:

• Plan ahead: The right team can help you identify the right point of contacts, steps to take, and what the overall goal of the plan is.

• Put the plan into action: We all know that it is critical to “tell it all, tell it fast, and tell the truth” knowing the steps to take in advance can smooth out the most seemingly daunting tasks.

• Minimize the damage: A crisis can be devastating to businesses between the loss on incoming revenue and the cost of time spent on managing the disaster. By being prepared, you can bounce back quickly and focus on growing your brand.

A PR team that specializes in cruelty free brands will get it right from the get-go and will be able to make appropriate suggestions to help smooth out the process. In addition, having a team proactively developing positive PR is a proactive crisis management all in its own.
Very few companies actually take the time to plan for a crisis and more often then not the scale of the crisis could have been avoided with the proper plan in place. Just like with insurance, it is important to plan for the worst hoping not to need it, but you should always be prepared.

Orange Orchard has cracked the code to prepare your brand for PR nightmares. We are experienced in the realm of cruelty free brands and truly have a passion for helping you bounce back and focus on what you do best. Please visit us online or call us at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.