One of the biggest assets your company owns is your blog.

Not only can you use your blog to showcase your vegan products, but they can be used as springboards to drive more visitors to your website. You merely need to keep fresh, engaging and educational content on your blog. Your posts should always both inform and entertain your target audience.

One of the most effective vegan public relations strategies is to use your blogs to promote your products. Discussing how your products promote good health, are sustainable or simply make your target audience’s lives better drives the right kind of traffic to your eCommerce pages.

Tell your story

Your blog shouldn’t rely on simple advertisement jargon because that often turns readers away. It should be used to engage with your customers and tell your story or tackle their issues. Provide your readers with the ideas behind your products and let them know the reasons you started your business.

Everyone loves a good story. That’s why books, movies and television shows are multi-million-dollar endeavors. Let your readers know you understand their pain points and how your products will help them resolve those issues.

Providing your readers with practical tips and tricks to make their lives easier is one way to build up trust and provide potential customers with something they can use. Include links to the products you are writing about in your blog posts and let the reader know where to find them.

Link your blog on your social media channels

After you’ve written your blog posts, you can’t just let them whither on the vine. You need to promote them.

One of the best ways to do that is to post them out on your social media channels. Social media is extremely popular with just about every demographic and is the most effective platform to share information.

And it’s free.

When you post your blog to your social media platforms, be sure to provide a brief synopsis of your blog, post the link and make sure the blog has a quality image. Posts with pictures are eye-catching and attract the most readers.

But blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. You need fresh content on a regular basis to keep readers engaged. This is sometimes hard to accomplish while you’re spending most of your time running your vegan business.

The experts at Orange Orchard know your audience. We are a partner that specializes in vegan public relations, and we’re experienced in helping companies like yours tell their individual stories. If you’re ready to liven up your website with unique content, call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to start telling your story.