Most of the world’s problems could be solved if we could all just communicate better. When it comes to animal welfare public relations, you must choose a team that understands your message and can communicate that to your target audience.

In the construction industry, companies with an average of 100 employees lose around $400,000 per year because of poor communication according to one article. Regardless of the industry or the nonprofit, a failure to communicate will cost you greatly. A team like Orange Orchard PR has the experience to help push your message out consistently and accurately.


With consistent earned media coverage and consistent messaging, your brand can be understood. If you’re a group that is helping rehabilitate our animal friends, we don’t need to confuse you with another organization doing something different.

If you’re a vegan restaurant because of your support for animal welfare, you don’t need the same messaging as a regular hamburger franchise. Consistent messaging across all platforms and coverage will ensure that your message is understood.

With a team of professionals training you for podcast interviews, proofreading your articles and social content, you will be set up for consistent success.

Know your audience

I briefly touched on this above, but it’s paramount to know your audience. If your message is going to the wrong audience, then it will fall upon deaf ears. A team like Orange Orchard already works with the magazines you should be in. An experienced team already knows the podcasts you should be spreading your message on. This also means we have the ability and know where to look for new media avenues as well.

Your message is too important to just pick anybody to be the caretaker. If you want to work with an experienced animal welfare public relations team like Orange Orchard, contact us today at 865-977-1973 or online.