When we give someone a gift, the feeling and satisfaction that comes with seeing a smile and appreciation provides the giver with as much (or more!) than what the recipient finds in the box.

Don’t you feel encouraged and appreciated when you see someone wearing the sweater or reading the book you took the time to choose and give them?

People have lots of choices when it comes to choosing which organization to support.

So, when someone chooses your cause and organization because of a shared dedication to animal welfare, a partner such as Orange Orchard that specializes in animal welfare public relations campaigns can help you nurture new and ongoing relationships and communication with your supporters.

Writing a blog and including photos or video is a great way to give current news to your supporters about how their gift is specifically being used to help you stay dedicated to your efforts.

Taking the time to write the latest conveys they are a part of the overall effort and your team, builds trust, and shows your appreciation.

If finding time to write is a challenge, it may be time to partner with a team experienced in developing content for animal welfare public relations efforts. Our team of professionals and content writers at Orange Orchard is also dedicated to doing our part to make a cleaner, healthier world and showing compassion and care to animals worldwide, so we deeply understand your mission.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact of a personal email or handwritten note expressing your thanks. Include information on your latest efforts or a new project that can now move forward because of support like theirs.

If it’s time for you to connect with a public relations partner who shares your dedication to animal welfare, contact Orange Orchard here, or give us a call at 865-977-1973.