News about the environment was grim in 2018. That’s no reason to give up, though. In fact, the urgency of the situation makes it more important for each of use to make the small, practical changes that can add up to major impact.

Eco-friendly business decisions can have a major impact on your company’s bottom line, too. Consumers are increasingly considering the environmental effects of their buying decisions, which means that sustainable products are no longer a luxury niche – for many consumers, the environmental impact of the products they buy matters more than the price.

Here are some steps your company can take to reduce its carbon footprint and support policies and practices that are friendly to people and the planet.

  • Source materials responsibly: Don’t use resources that endanger animals, reduce wilderness, emit toxic chemicals, or exploit people.
  • Reduce packaging: Don’t pack your products in layers of plastic and cardboard – and use recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Give back: Contribute to nonprofit organizations that make the world better – hold a fundraiser for a local charity or donate a portion of your proceeds to a group that’s working on an issue you care about.
  • Create a green workplace: Set up a recycling program at the office, match your employees’ charitable donations, encourage telecommuting and carpooling, install LED lights, offer incentives for plant-based lunches and get rid of paper plates and plastic utensils.

Once your company has gone green, there’s one more important step: Let the world know! If consumers aren’t aware of the positive choices your company makes, you’re missing out on some major opportunities – in business and in stewardship.

Working with an environmentally conscious public relations agency will allow you to present your eco-friendly message to consumers, and to play a part in the long-term cultural shift that’s needed to fight climate change. An experienced green PR firm like Orange Orchard can tell your story to your core audience. At the same time, your message can persuade skeptical consumers that going green is the right thing to do.

If you want to improve your business and make the world a cleaner, safer place at the same time, contact Orange Orchard today.