Apple has worked hard to be at the forefront when it comes to technology. Consumers have eagerly awaited announcements and presentations on the company’s newest phone or computer. But, it’s not just tech advances that Apple is proud to claim. The company has also been making advances to become a greener company.

Bigger matters

Over the last decade or so, Apple has instituted several green initiatives, from environmental report cards to recycled materials. Recently, CEO Tim Cook challenged other companies to step up their own efforts to be more environmentally friendly. But, beyond that, he pointed out — and rightly so — that companies can be eco-friendly AND profitable. It’s not either/or. Here’s what Cook had to say at the UN Climate Ambition Summit:

The choice between the bottom line and the future of our planet is a false one, and each new green innovation offers the proof.

Going green

Green initiatives not only help the planet, they help your company, too. Potential employees are looking at more than just benefits and a paycheck. They want to know the company they’re interviewing with is making an effort to be environmentally conscious and well, save the planet.

What is your company doing to save the world? What green initiatives have you put into place? Cook says that Apple has become carbon neutral for its worldwide corporate emissions, and they’re pushing the companies in their supply chain to do the same.

Cook has lofty goals, but really, even the smallest initiatives can make a difference. And at Orange Orchard, we want to help you get the word out about your own green initiatives. As a green tech public relations agency, we love seeing companies adopt more efficient processes. We love sharing news about them even more.

The new year is going to bring a lot of opportunity. We’d love to open doors for you with potential hires, customers and your peers. Contact Orange Orchard today and let us get started.