The game has changed

It’s not been easy to convince the investment community that environmental stewardship is good for business. Fossil fuels, tobacco, plastics and industrial agriculture dominated American industry in the 20th century but face existential threats in the 21st, as consumers demand higher ethical and environmental standards and greater social responsibility in return for their cash.

Smart investors recognize that the game has fundamentally changed. The old-fashioned businesses that were once the backbone of investment portfolios now carry increased risk; agile, innovative brands searching for climate solutions offer enormous untapped opportunity.

But it’s hard for small companies to stand out. It takes more than potential and promise to attract the funding that can elevate a startup to the next level.

Step out with storytelling

One way for eco-friendly and ethical brands to break away from the pack is storytelling. Innovation and technology are intriguing, but the technical details about your plant-based product – whether it’s a veggie burger, vegan pet food, ethically sourced clothing or cruelty-free cosmetics – must be translated into a powerful, memorable narrative that demonstrates the brand’s impact and connects with the public. That may require professional intervention.

An experienced agency specializing in plant-based public relations can take the vision that inspired a sustainable brand and shape it into a bold, brave message for the future – which is what investors look for. At Orange Orchard, we work with outstanding innovators to craft a brand message that builds consumer trust, credibility and long-term growth – many of the essential elements that investors look for in a company.

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