No question about it, plant-based products and services have become mainstream. As more companies enter the plant-based space, finding ways to stand out from competitors has become vital for businesses to survive in a growing market. Gone are the days of being a niche business with little to no competition. Consider relying on plant-based public relations  to get your business in the public eye.

Experienced plant-based public relations professionals know how to leverage your commitment to bettering the world in ways that resonate with a rapidly growing customer base. As interest in plant-based products increases, even large corporations are attempting to enter the space with meat alternatives, packaging improvements and plant-based resources. This means your company must use all available tools to reach more people and make lasting connections with them.

Plant-based Public Relations Tactics

Your target audience may be inundated with news from many companies like yours. What makes your business stand out? Plant-based PR experts will work with you to develop a strategic PR plan that gets your company seen. Well-pitched, timely press releases will garner earned media in magazines, newspapers and news programs. An agency like Orange Orchard knows how to publicize your business in ways that appeal to a wide audience beyond your loyal base. They will pitch the right stories from the most advantageous angles to ensure your company is seen as a trustworthy and truly sustainable plant-based option for customers.

Gain Audience Trust

Plant-based public relations can help your company gain the trust and loyalty needed to grow your audience by making connections through speaking engagements, industry-related blogs and updated company social media posts. PR professionals will highlight your efforts to be a dedicated plant-based leader to secure television appearances, podcast interviews and newspaper articles.

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