Advocates for fur in fashion argue that the industry maintains strict ethical standards that protect animals from unnecessary suffering. A recent exposé by activists in Finland, however, suggests that fur farms don’t always live up to those standards.

In 2021, Humane Society International found foxes at three Finnish farms confined to cages so small the animals couldn’t turn around and suffering from blindness, mutilation and deformity. Two of the farms had been certified by a national agency that guarantees the highest levels of animal health and welfare.

The report demonstrates how far-fetched the concept of “ethical” fur is. But the fur industry, faced with a wave of designers who have publicly disavowed the use of fur, is intent on continuing its misinformation campaign.

That’s why companies that are committed to a cruelty-free business model should double down on their positive messaging. It’s not just a matter of market advantage or brand awareness — it’s part of the ongoing public education and advocacy effort aimed at countering the fur industry’s misleading narrative and ending the unnecessary cruelty of factory fur farming.

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