Is your plant-based business attracting interest from investors? If not, you might want to partner with a plant-based public relations agency like Orange Orchard to help your brand develop the image and value that investors are seeking.

Increasing your company’s visibility to potential investors requires careful planning and PR expertise. We have experience in businesses build interest for acquisition or investment through tactical and practical PR practices that can also help your business garner a better negotiating position.

Investors are looking for specific qualities in any business they wish to fund or acquire, so in order to gain their interest, your business needs to show it’s worth investing in.

Be visible in plant-based trade or industry events. While the pandemic has caused many business meetings and events to go virtual. Your business will want to obtain a good virtual booth, be active in break-out sessions, host a virtual round-table discussion, or be part of a panel of experts.

Gain publicity by appearing in the news or through media interviews. The more visible your business is, the better your chances are at catching the eye of an investor. Investors are on the lookout for plant-based businesses they think are on the way up, and by appearing on news shows, industry podcasts, or through bylined articles, your business value skyrockets.

Promote your achievements and news to media through well-researched press releases. News media in the plant-based industry are always looking for news and an angle in order to get a story. Press releases are one way to attract media attention and investors are looking to see who is getting coverage.

Plant-based businesses are facing fierce competition as more companies enter the space, so hiring a PR partner is one of the fastest ways to get investor interest. Find out how Orange Orchard can help you attract investors by calling us at (865) 977-1973 today.