Green construction is more popular than ever. Increasingly accessible technology and product innovation are pushing costs down, and consumer interest in sustainability and energy efficiency are driving demand up.

While that cycle is good for construction clients — and the planet — it also contributes to a crowded marketplace. As more and more contractors offer sustainable building services, it’s harder for the best companies to stand out.

Great content is an effective way to distinguish your green construction company from the competition. Blog posts, case studies and strategically placed articles help you establish yourself as an expert and build trust within the industry. Providing authoritative commentary on timely topics enhances your company’s reputation, which, in turn, drives leads and help close sales.

But it’s not easy to translate expertise and authority into polished content. Few contractors have time to write, edit and publish a stream of articles and posts in addition to running their business. Fortunately, a team of experienced green construction public relations professionals can help.

Here at Orange Orchard, we work closely with contractor clients to develop a consistent, authentic digital narrative across multiple platforms, shaping your story so it connects with the right audience. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online if you’re ready to deliver your message.