You already have an attentive audience that cares about your organization and the work and time you invest in the care and well-being of animals.

They’re already showing support for animals by donating time to help at a no-kill shelter or helping with fundraising events.

So now you have the perfect opportunity to share more on how they can support your cruelty-free efforts in ways they may not have thought of.

Still wearing a leather jacket? The “vegan leather” alternatives have come a long way. And taking a closer look at your fashion choices and making changes from your shoes to your handbag is a step toward protecting more animals.

The self-care products, such as washes, lotions and makeup, are another opportunity to support companies committed to keeping animals out of the testing labs.

Katharina Buchholz writes in this article for Statista that in the U.S. seeking out animal friendly clothing options beats out food.

A cruelty-free public relations partner, such as Orange Orchard, can help you share your message of the many ways people can take animal advocacy to another level.

And our team of writers at Orange Orchard can also turn your expertise into a blog for your website. Advice on how to take your cruelty-free commitment to the next level could be an article in an animal welfare focused publication, featuring you and your organization as the source and expert. Our media pros can also work to secure an interview with a podcast host with audiences who want to learn how to amp up their own cruelty-free living.

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