Not just for food, festivals celebrating the plant-based and vegan lifestyles are popping up everywhere. From the latest kombucha beer to cruelty-free cosmetics and vegan shoes, plant-based festivals are spotlighting an unbelievably diverse array of products made in the interest of protecting life on this planet.

While we agree that the popularity of these festivals is a great sign for progress, we also know that it means stiff competition for those like you responsible for organizing these events. After all, most festival goers have to pick and choose a limited number of events they can attend. Enjoying events costs time and money, and those are finite resources to be spent in what feels like a sea of infinite choices.

As an agency specializing in plant-based public relations, we understand the landscape is getting crowded. On one hand, that’s actually something we celebrate! But on the other, and more importantly for you, we know what it takes to stand out.

Start with your biggest cheerleaders

A successful plant-based festival should begin by attracting the attention of your core audience – current vegans.

At Orange Orchard, we know the niche media well that caters directly to those living a plant-based lifestyle. From the initial press release announcing your festival to coordinating interviews on opening day, we can help you develop and execute a compelling PR campaign that will accurately deliver your key messages, earn placement in popular vegan publications and attract ticket buyers.

But don’t stop there!

Part of any great movement is inviting others to check it out, right? Reaching beyond strictly plant-based and vegan media is critical to bolster your ticket sales and introduce new, curious individuals to your cause.

Partnering with a plant-based public relations team that also has experience with the mainstream and hyperlocal media will not only ensure news of your festival reaches the widest audience possible but that it’s an attractive destination for tourists, adventurous locals and families that wish to learn a little more about the vegan lifestyle.

Strategic media outreach should also be bolstered with consistent blogs and timely social media posts, and full-service agencies like Orange Orchard can handle it all in-house – delivering a consistent voice across all your channels.

We’d love to partner with you and help make your plant-based festival a success. Reach out to us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.