Is your company taking a firm position on animal welfare or launching a new animal friendly product this year? The timing couldn’t be better, and you’ll be in good company.

Ketchum Purpose conducted a recent study that concluded animal welfare was 2018’s most important cause for Americans, followed respectively by children’s education and hunger. Although animal welfare has typically trended as a top concern in more recent years, surpassing children’s education and hunger is no small feat and more than validates current consumer and dietary trends.

As the refocus on healthy eating also continues to sweep the country, animal welfare should remain at least a top 3 concern for Americans by association, with Uber Eats even reporting that vegan diets are set to be their number one trend in 2019.

Of course, animal welfare encompasses much more than simply choosing not eat meat or animal products. Taking a stance against animal testing, moving to source responsibly and even exercising discernment in corporate partnerships all contribute the well-being of our furry, feathered and scaly friends, and your customers will want to know.

However, will your animal-friendly message get through all the noise this year? Partnering with a specialized agency experienced in animal welfare public relations like Orange Orchard can help your brand get the visibility it deserves.

An agency specialized in animal welfare public relations can:

  • Deliver your key messages clearly to the right audiences
  • Announce animal-friendly and cruelty-free product and service launches with press releases and offering stories to media in your industries
  • Submit your brand for key industry awards, recognition and rankings
  • Create engaging content from blogs and case studies to social media feeds that keep your brand memorable

To find out more about how your animal welfare efforts can be clearly recognized by partnering with a specialized public relations agency, please contact Orange Orchard today.