Environmental and animal welfare organizations know that in order to gain traction and make progress there needs to be varied types of engagement. Like other nonprofits, donor dollars are important but what if progress also relies on changing human behavior?

Its easier to engage people to donate money than to persuade them to adapt daily habits and create ongoing change.  How can you encourage people to make lasting change?

Be kind with your message- The blame game doesn’t get you very far with engaging the masses. Habits are a hard thing to build. Ask anyone who has fallen off their new year’s resolution, willpower can be fragile. Encourage your audience and be their ally in making change.

Show impact- If you are trying to encourage people to recycle more or transition to plant-based diet, guide your audience with easily achievable things they can do to make an impact. Changing one habit is easier than changing a whole lifestyle.Communicate what simple changes can do for your cause.

Educate- The more people know the more receptive they will be to your message. Knowledge is a gift, never underestimate what information will persuade someone to make a lifestyle change.

Make it fun- Create a challenge on social media that aligns with your cause. Can you get people to give up a harmful habit for 30 days? Organize a social community for your audience to share progress.

Partnering with an environmental and animal welfare public relations agency can help you position your cause to gain following. Orange Orchard is dedicated to helping your organization create the right persuasive messaging and delivering it effectively.