Crisis plans are good public relations

Ecotourism businesses are well-positioned to tap into a growing consumer thirst for memorable experiences while still helping protect the environment and local cultures. But in an uncertain world, tourism companies also need to be able to respond to unforeseen challenges

Manage Risk

Adventures are great— when you expect them. As the threat of extreme weather and global unrest seems to keep increasing, it’s becoming increasingly important for tourism companies to start planning for a future of unexpected challenges, according to the Netherlands Centre for the Promotion of Imports:

Tourism companies are increasingly facing incidents that involve risks for both travelers and the tourism industry. Examples are extreme weather, political unrest, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, tsunamis and health-related incidents. In 2018, the World Economic Forum identified extreme weather events and natural disasters as the most likely global risks with a considerable impact.
These events can have a tremendous negative impact on tourism destinations. In addition, the damage to a destination’s image may have even longer lasting effects than the actual damage from the crisis.

Have a Plan

The question becomes how can ecotourism companies better manage the aftermath of unexpected crises. How do you keep the public informed while protecting your brand? The answer is planning ahead. A comprehensive crisis communications plan, developed in advance, can help your ecotourism company get ahead of events instead of being left reeling.
So, what should a crisis plan include?

• Establish crisis management teams. Your company can’t respond to a crisis if nobody knows what to do. Put together teams of subject experts who agree to be available 24/7 in a crisis.
Create clear actions items. Make sure you develop a list of action items for each team member. Drill the teams on their responsibilities so they know their designated roles and tasks in advance.
Write content in advance. Pre-write press releases, statements from company officials, and social media posts so you have them ready to go in an emergency.

Find Help

If your company needs help developing and implementing a crisis communications plan, the ecotourism public relations experts at Orange Orchard can help. We decades of experience developing the strategies that can help your ecotourism business manage the aftereffects of a crisis. Contact us online or at 865-977-1973 to learn more.