When it comes to keeping your brand’s message top of mind, working with a team of animal welfare public relations experts who understand your unique needs is critical.

Coupling marketing and proactive PR efforts with an exciting and informative social media presence can be a great way to keep your brand’s mission out in the wild! Maximizing the space of social media can be a tricky yet critical component to form better connections with potential donors.

Here are some ways that social media can support your cause:

Build trust

Posting on Instagram or sharing photos and captions on Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to showcase the work your brand is accomplishing every day. People value transparency behind the brands they choose to support, and by showing some information about what you’re working on, people can begin to instill more trust in you.

Keep supporters informed

Sharing your news and developing a content relationship with trusted media outlets within your space is one of the best ways to stay relevant among your audience, but you can also share your press releases and company news over social media to quickly get the news Infront of your audience. Having your news out on social media can empower followers to reshare your announcements and help you reach hundreds of additional people that you may not have engaged with.

Social media is a powerful tool and can be tricky to crack. Working with professionals like the PR and brand development pros at Orange Orchard can help take the load off of your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

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