If your vegan franchise location doesn’t get started off on the right foot, then it can be an uphill battle to maintain relevance and success. Vegan public relations can help spotlight your new franchise and get people talking.

Exhibit A comes from VegNews: Kevin Hart Wants His Vegan Fast-Food Chain Hart House to Become as Big as McDonald’s.

That’s a pretty good start, right? It’s possible to get these types of stories without having to pay some advertising dollars to do so. Maybe your new vegan franchise is the first of its kind, maybe you simply have big aspirations like Kevin Hart, or maybe, your reason for starting the business is a story itself. An experienced team like Orange Orchard PR, can develop a plan to help spotlight your new franchise.

Write the news for them

Should you only be relying on press releases in the era of TikTok, Twitter and other apps that are slowly killing our attention spans? No. However, they’re still powerful and can get you connected to the right reporters. If it’s a local franchise with a few news outlets, a well-written press release can help ensure your new location will be put in print and online to your direct clients. If you’re trying to attract investors, it’s good to show them you’re being active and opening new locations.

These can also lead to feature-type stories. Maybe your vegan franchise is the first of its kind or the first in town, if that’s the case, this news hitting a reporter’s inbox can help get a more in-depth story.

Peel Back the Curtain

Why are you a vegan franchise? What does that mean to you? Why not sell animal-tested products or cheap animal meat like everyone else? What’s your why? Whether it be on your social media, or through the lens of a journalist, this can help put the spotlight on your brand. This is just scratching the service. If you want to learn more and get started on spotlighting your vegan brand the right way, contact us online or give us a call at 865-977-1973