You’ve opened your vegan business, set up your website and claimed your social media channels.

But you still aren’t getting the traction you believe you should be getting.

If you’re considering a public relations agency to help you get your message out, it can often be a bewildering experience. Finding the right team to lead your PR shouldn’t be reduced to a quick search on Google.

You want a team that understands vegan public relations and shares your values.

Do your research

When you need another professional – like a doctor or an attorney – you probably start by delving into their results. Have they delivered for their clients? Do they practice the type of medicine or law you need?

You should treat your search for a PR agency with the same depth of investigation. The right vegan PR agencies will showcase their other plant-based clients on their websites. You should also check out their social media accounts to see how they are promoting their other clients.

You can also ask other experts within your network. Other members of the plant-based community will know which agencies understand their products, their lifestyle and the audience they need to reach.

Ask the right questions

Once you’ve settled on a few agencies, set up an in-person or Zoom meeting with their team. During the interview, you should lay out what you are trying to achieve for your business. The PR team should also provide you with examples of what will work best for your business and how they will work to achieve those goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for their story. Find out how they will provide measurable results for your brand and why their experience will work for you.

At Orange Orchard, our public relations professionals want to live in a healthier, cleaner and kinder world and we make no bones about that. We are committed to being better stewards of our planet. Our experience with vegan businesses, animal rights organizations and green businesses puts us in sync with your company’s values and vision.

If your vegan company needs to stand out in the plant-based crowd, give Orange Orchard a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online today. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work building your forward-thinking brand.