From food tech and cosmetics to fashion and furniture, the demand for cruelty-free alternatives and more sustainable, plant-based choices steadily increases each year. After reviewing projections and anticipated trends for this year, it’s clear that there is plenty of money ready to be spent on sustainable products and that the brands partnering up with agencies experienced in vegan public relations stand to enjoy the largest pieces of the plant-based pie.

The world of food tech continues to advance with more companies working on the next in convincing, tasty meat substitutes. Writing for Vegan Food & Living, Victoria Smith suggests that potato milk, additional advancements in plant-based seafood and vegan chocolate will be among this year’s leading innovations and hottest trends.

Citing the jarring – but perhaps not surprising – statistic that our wealthiest 10% are responsible for half the world’s global emissions, Jill Ettinger sees luxury brands, such designer fashion, high-end automotive companies and fine dining establishments, as embracing more sustainable alternatives to their traditional decadence and excess this year.

All this to say, the companies making headlines and generating interest among both eco-conscious and curious mainstream consumers aren’t relying on traditional advertising or digital marketing alone. They’re trusting their brands to PR agencies that understand their mission and share similar values, like Orange Orchard.

Why it’s important to select the right PR team

Gone are the days of seeking PR specialists based on location if you have a national customer base – media pros exist outside of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and the ones down the street from you might not be the best fit either. Once you decide to incorporate PR into your business’s overall marketing plan, take some time to consider what could make you view an agency not as a vendor, but as an indispensable partner in your mission.

Is it a history of proven results and and indisputable credibility? That helps! What about a deep understanding and sharing of your values?

Choosing a team experienced in vegan public relations will ensure that you not only get the earned media coverage you deserve as you launch your next innovation but that your key messages remain on point, reach the right journalists and keep your brand painted in the greenest light.

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