Back in November 2018, COVERGIRL cosmetics became the biggest makeup company to be certified cruelty-free. What this means is the company doesn’t test on animals during its production process. You see disclaimers sometimes on commercials and other advertisements stating “no animals were harmed during the making of XYZ.” COVERGIRL can officially make that claim and mean it. This also means the ingredients the company uses aren’t tested either.

This is huge for the industry. COVERGIRL was one of the first cosmetics I used growing up. Mom gave me my first compact, and I still remember the powdery smell when I would open it. While my makeup repertoire has grown a bit, COVERGIRL still has a prominent place in it, and this decision means it’s going to be even more prominent.

You see, at Orange Orchard, we don’t believe animals walk this earth for our amusement. Our team is full of animal lovers, and we share our homes with furry critters we call family. Across the globe, there are organizations that are fighting for the rights and welfare of animals. More and more people are recognizing that animals are not meant to be used as food or entertainment. Veganism is continuing to grow rapidly, while circuses are shutting down.

Unfortunately, animals are still used for testing purposes, and the fur and leather trades thrive. As an animal welfare public relations agency, we work with organizations taking on all of the causes I just mentioned. In the COVERGIRL release, Ukonwa Ojo, chief marketing officer of consumer for Coty, COVERGIRL’s parent company, said “If we all do it together, we can all envision a cosmetics industry and world that is free from unnecessary animal testing.”

We believe that Ojo’s vision is possible. Companies and organizations are working towards a better future for humans and animals alike. We’d like to help make it happen. Together, we can make a difference. Reach out today and let us tell you what our talented team can do.