They always say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The same can be true for blogs even if they don’t have a thousand words. Over the years, more and more people seek out blogs for information regarding hyper-specific topics that aren’t regularly covered on the 11:00 news. Whether it’s for a local sports team or a cruelty free product, an audience will go where the information they are seeking is.

For companies looking to keep their cause top of mind, blogs are a perfect way to showcase your message. Publishing blogs on your website not only provides an avenue to voice your opinion, but it also creates more traffic for your website. But how do you generate enough buzz around your blogs to really make a difference?

Cruelty free public relations agencies, like Orange Orchard, can provide you with that extra oomph your company needs to get the attention your blogs deserve. Our experts can write attention-grabbing blogs that will push your cruelty free initiative. While press releases and articles tend to be objective in nature, blogs grant the writer a little more flexibility in how to craft their message.

In addition to providing excellent content for your website, Orange Orchard can also help develop strategies to best utilize your blogs on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are regularly visited for news. By using them as an outreach platform for your blog, a wider audience can be introduced to your cruelty free initiatives. Adding a link back to your website will also create an avenue for people to visit and be fully immersed in your cause.

If you are ready to make a splash with your cruelty free initiatives while also making your company stand apart from the rest, give our experts a call at (865) 277-1973 or contact us online. Our experts would love to speak with you.