The COVID-19 pandemic certainly caused problems with the ecotourism industry over the past year. With travel being limited, tourism destinations have continued to see profits fall. One positive is that traveling is projected to increase in a post-COVID world, which is coming closer with the release of new vaccines.

While the coronavirus put a temporary damper on travel, it has not changed people’s perception of sustainability. As travel increases, it will be likely that tourist will be looking to travel to eco-friendly locations to get away from the hustle-and-bustle.

That is where an ecotourism public relations agency comes into play. Being able to spread your eco-friendly message to the world will be important as the world goes back to normal, and Orange Orchard can help get the word out.

At Orange Orchard, we understand ecotourism. Our company prides itself to being committed to a cleaner world. Because of that commitment, we know how to craft articles that can share your message and get it in the hands of the audience that matters — travelers.

Orange Orchard also has connections within the media industry that can assist in getting your eco-friendly message to their audience. Our experts have the tools to find those special qualities that differentiate your company from the pack. Using press releases and social media, we position your eco-friendly company in the best light for travelers to explore.

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