Do you want to know how big of a deal plant-based products were in 2018? According to the Good Food Institute (GFI), sales of plant-based meats alone increased 23 percent in the past year. And if you think that the plant-based movement is just for west coast yuppies in yoga pants, think again. Per GFI:

“Retail sales of plant-based meat grew double-digits across all nine U.S. census regions, and some of the greatest growth is actually coming from the center of the country.”

Need even more proof that plant-based products are here to stay? Look no further than White Castle’s Impossible™ Slider, which was unveiled last year.

Whether you’re producing the next plant-based meat, a part of the nearly $2 billion plant-based milk industry, or working to develop non-food plant-based product like coconut fiber sweaters or sustainable, plant-based packaging, one thing is clear: We are heading towards an intersection where consumer demand will meet a saturated market.

So how do you set your products apart from a growing pool of competitors? Through a custom plant-based public relations strategy.

At Orange Orchard, we have a passion for bringing the word of organizations like yours to help bring about change; and as a division of Ripley PR, we understand how solid analytical skills and creative public relations strategies can deliver measurable results for your brand. We have successfully garnered national coverage in major outlets such as CNN, Inc., Forbes, CNBC and Bloomberg.

If you own or operate a business committed to developing and delivering plant-based products and are looking to stay ahead of the competition and top of mind with your customers as the market expands, we want to talk to you. Contact us today