Does your animal welfare foundation need an increase in coverage, trust, and donations? Animal welfare public relations may be the answer you’re searching for.

A team like Orange Orchard PR has experience working on these goals for foundations. In order for your goals to be achieved, and your donation dollars to go up, we must first hear about you!

Increase Coverage

Whether it be a press release, a podcast or a guest blog, your target audience won’t hear about you unless you’re in front of their eyes or in their ears. One good example of this comes from The Orangutan Project when their news of releasing a mother and daughter back into the wild caught the eye of People. By sharing what’s going on in your organization, this can catch the eye of the media and garner you coverage.

Is there a popular podcast where you can have a spokesperson go on and have a conversation about the good you’re doing for free? An experienced animal welfare public relations team can identify those potential outlets and get you in the forefront.

Increase Trust

By continuously appearing on news sites or podcasts with the right message, this can build trust in your foundation. You can be viewed as a thought leader in the space. This, in of itself, can lead to more opportunities and coverage. If a journalist is working on an animal welfare story and needs a comment, they’ll likely want to speak to someone who has a strong voice and is prepared for an interview.

A team like Orange Orchard can help prepare you for media opportunities and build that trust. With more coverage and trust, you should be set up for more donations.

Increase Donations

With the right formula, public relations can help increase your donations and set you up to do more good for animal welfare. It’s important when selecting a team to help with your goals, to go with someone who knows your target and can help you achieve it.

If you’d like to learn more about animal welfare public relations, give us a call at 865-977-1973 or contact us online.