Blogging can help you accomplish several goals at once, from bringing more awareness to veganism in general to enticing more people to try your brand. Unfortunately, as with most things, getting started can feel like half the battle. At Orange Orchard, not only do we specialize in strategic vegan public relations campaigns, our in-house content team also brings decades of professional experience to best capture your voice and share your story.

Here are just a few ways blogging can make a big impact for your brand:

Show and tell what makes your brand unique

Something inspired you to create your brand. It matters to you, and blogs can help you show the world why. Authenticity can help break down the wall between you and your target audience, building brand awareness and trust all at once. People feel good when they spend their money with brands they feel align with similar values. Get creative and don’t forget that it’s more than possible to be human while also staying professional.

Be an industry thought leader

Now that we’ve talked a little about speaking from the heart, let’s focus on what’s in your brain. Blogs can make a company appear more professional by showing leadership within an industry. In fact, education is one of the top customer retention strategies to keep current customers. Examples of effective posts include demonstration videos, lists and how-to advice. Sharing what you know goes a long way in building trust among new and existing supporters and developing relationships within the vegan world.

Drive more traffic to your website

At the end of the day, blogs are a great way to optimize your website for search engines and drive real, buying customers to your site. Each new post is one more indexed page on your website, which is one more opportunity for you to show up on the search engine results page. This will drive more traffic to your website organically. Once that happens, you then have an opportunity to convert those clicks into leads. In fact, some data suggests blogging can improve leads by as much as 67%!

In a majority non-vegan world, your voice matters! If you want to learn more about how powerful a blog can be to bolster your vegan public relations efforts, contact Orange Orchard online today or call 865-977-1973.