In an age of greenwashing, it can be tough to get your authentic environmental message to the right audience. With “sustainable” products being debunked left and right, companies that care about the environment and want to be able to provide full transparency to their customers need to know they are investing in genuine green technology.

In order to ensure your eco-friendly message is received for what it truly is, without the potential of being categorized as another green washer, you need green tech public relations messaging that is as genuine as you are.

Be transparent

If your tech is authentically green, you have nothing to hide. With relevance in mind, the more you share, the better. A way to dive deeper into transparency is providing statistics to back up your message. Is your product doing something others aren’t? Does it save energy on a higher level? Is it unique in its structure and capabilities? Prove it! Show your clientele why they should invest in your green tech by showcasing the facts.

Fine tune your message

Consider your product’s unique qualities, your target audience, the media they consume, and how you want to come across. Are you being clear and consistent? Are your efforts relevant and memorable? Fine tuning your message will make it top-of-mind for your target audience.

Be confident

Displaying confidence throughout your brand messaging is key to gaining your customers’ confidence in your brand. Through transparency and a clear, strong message, you show your audience that you are the brand they can depend on.

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