Animal welfare is finally starting to garner the responsiveness it deserves. States are starting to ban practices like declawing cats and leaving dogs tied up outside during freezing temperatures.

But we still have a long way to go. Every year, around 100 million animals – from mice to frogs to monkeys – are killed in U.S. laboratories after undergoing tests and experiments. And illegal wildlife trading is now the fourth most lucrative global crime, coming in just under drug smuggling, human trafficking and arms dealing.

Every day, your organization is striving to fight the good fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. Now that the cause has at least a little buzz surrounding it, spreading the message of animal welfare is more critical than ever. And you want to capitalize on that momentum.

But the fact of the matter is you need help. Effectively communicating the message you’re trying to spread and running an organization at the same time is nearly impossible. An animal welfare public relations agency is what you need.

Animal welfare PR will help you through:


Since the development of language, humans have used storytelling as a powerful tool to communicate ideas. It’s psychologically proven that the easiest way to persuade someone else is by using real stories.

The same is true when it comes to your cause. People are much more likely to support you when they hear stories about what you’re doing and how you’re making a difference in the world of animal welfare.

And your PR relations agency will provide you with an entire team of dedicated, professional communicators who will be more than equipped to craft and distribute your stories in the most compelling way possible!


Awareness truly is the first step toward solving any problem. And when it comes to a problem as widespread as animal welfare, awareness must be equally as widespread.

Making sure the right people hear your message in the right ways and at the right time is paramount to any organization’s success – luckily, your team of specialized animal welfare PR professionals will know exactly when, where and how to distribute your message. So you can get back to changing the lives of animals everywhere!


With the right attention from the right people, amazing things can happen. Policies can change, education can take place and mindsets can shift.

And animal welfare can flourish.

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