Vegan brands face a unique challenge. Whether it’s cruelty-free cosmetics or a new restaurant, few businesses can survive, much less thrive, by appealing only to consumers who strictly avoid animal-based products. But how do you persuade a wider audience that your product is for them, too?

Commitment to Change

Finding the right message is a careful balancing act for vegan entrepreneurs. They depend on the trust of vegan consumers, but many also want to reach vegetarians, flexitarians and curious omnivore consumers, too. It’s essential for business growth, for one thing, but it also reflects the commitment to change that inspires many people who start plant-based businesses.

Sharing Values

Here are three reasons vegan entrepreneurs should consider vegan public relations – and why it’s important to find an agency that shares your values.

  • Messaging: An exceptional vegan public relations agency can help craft a brand identity that resonates with multiple audiences. Plant-based PR experts will develop a thoughtful narrative that emphasizes the quality, responsibility, sustainability and value of what your company offers – a message that can reach anyone.
  • Outreach: An agency with experience in plant-based PR won’t have to build relationships with vegan bloggers and journalists. In addition to extensive contacts throughout the plant-based media, they’ll also know which trade publications and mainstream outlets are receptive to stories like yours.
  • Authenticity: What kind of message does it send if a plant-based company is represented by a PR firm that also works with the animal agriculture industry? Consumers can recognize a message that’s insincere. Your business partners won’t all have the same priorities you do, but a relationship built on shared values and common vision is more likely to be rewarding and productive in the long run. And isn’t that why you’re in business?

If it’s time for your vegan brand to build the right message and reach the right audience – and to partner with a plant-based public relations agency that shares your mission to make the world more compassionate – contact Orange Orchard online or call (865) 977-1973.