Running an environmental nonprofit foundation is no small task. Between courting donors, vetting grant applications and reporting to both board members and government agencies, there are a lot of people to keep happy.

Here are three ways a nonprofit foundation can utilize environmental public relations.

  1. Create gatekeepers – While the mission for your nonprofit foundation is going to be created at the outset, it is important to establish processes and procedures so that every cause under the sun isn’t applying for grants. Narrowing the focus of your foundation (e.g. only for ecology causes, solely for educational initiatives, only for small nonprofits, etc.) and letting people know on the front end can cut down on applications from causes your organization is unlikely to support. A PR firm can create these policies and help strategize with the stakeholders involved to make sure they’re up-to-date and effective.
  2. Include publicity agreements – As a condition of a grant, some foundations include publicity agreements. These can take on different forms. Sometimes a foundation will make putting out a joint press release part of the grant or require that any publicity for projects using grant funds include the name of the foundation. Either way you want to do it, this can be an easy way to spread the word about your environmental foundation.
  3. Share your successes – Case studies are important for any B2B company, and a nonprofit foundation works like a B2B company, just for other nonprofits. As such, case studies are valuable ways to get publicity for your accomplishments. They can also be a useful tool for recruiting donors or other nonprofit partners. Creating case studies and sharing them is important for showing others that your foundation is successful.

Step four is to contact Orange Orchard. Our environmental public relations expertise with companies, organizations and nonprofits focused on environmental issues and sustainability can help ensure your nonprofit continues to recruit great partners, donors and stakeholders.

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