While the vegan lifestyle is gaining popularity with consumers as a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, it hasn’t reached wholesale adoption yet. But, as a vegan brand, you can capitalize on growing interest in plant-based diets and cruelty-free products to expand your reach among mainstream consumers.

It might seem that as a vegan business, your target market would be mostly vegans, but in reality, consumers that are interested in vegan products may not eat a strictly vegan diet. Creating a positive vegan brand that’s also inclusive of other lifestyles can be tricky, so hiring an experienced vegan public relations agency like Orange Orchard can make all the difference,

A vegan PR expert can gain more attention for your brand, yet still appeal to non-vegans by:

  • Creating press releases that garner general media attention. While vegan audiences are more likely to read and post on vegan websites and social media platforms or threads, press releases about your products that us keywords that appeal to the public’s desire for healthier and more environmentally-conscious products will get wider attention from media.
  • Leveraging your expertise in the business as a way to reach larger audiences through speaking engagements. Promoting your brand at vegan industry events is a no-brainer. But a PR expert can take your expertise and help you create a brand that is attractive to consumers in many walks of life. Arranging speaking engagements that broaden your appeal is one way to accomplish that.
  • Creating strategic posts on social media and via carefully crafted blog posts that reach outside the core vegan consumer. We know how to grab attention and help create brand loyalty. Our social media experts continually scan the online world for the most popular memes and posts and use that expertise to make your brand stand out.

Orange Orchard is successful at getting attention for brands through its professional and expert PR strategies. Learn how we can expand your vegan brand’s audience by calling us at (865) 977-1973.