A huge part of the success of plant-based brands today lies not only with the devoted vegetarians and vegans who exclusively purchase products like yours but in the rapidly growing base of flexitarians and health-conscious consumers who occasionally seek meatless alternatives.

The potential audience now is tremendous, and to grow a successful franchise system, it’s important to communicate the demand and opportunities that come with operating a plant-based business. To get that message through, you should consider adding PR to your 2023 marketing plan. Partnering with a team that demonstrates experience in executing vegan franchise public relations efforts will ensure that your messaging remains on point and reaches as many potential franchise owners as possible.

Reaching Potential Owners

One of the challenges of marketing a vegan franchise system is connecting with a varied audience. Many potential owners will already be vegan or vegetarian, and they may see the opportunity for their new franchise to align with their values as enough reason to choose your brand. However, for those that are either not fully committed to a meatless lifestyle or simply placing profit and stability above all else, it’s critical to illustrate the value and potential return on investment.

If your public relations partner has a proven history of results for franchises and vegan brands, their media relations team should be able to secure key coverage in franchise and business trade media while staying true to your plant-based values. Here are just three ways investing in a vegan franchise public relations campaign can help:

  1. Press releases can announce new openings, awards, and rankings, showcasing your growth and momentum.
  2. Well-written franchise development articles, bylined by your spokesperson, can add credibility to your system in the eyes of potential owners and invite inquiries for more information.
  3. PR support can take your discovery days to the next level, attracting the best leads to see the life-changing potential of owning one of your franchises.

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