Animal welfare is a broad topic, but it ultimately means helping animals live the lives they deserve. Consider giving animals a voice while your foundation promotes their health, safety and happiness. Animal welfare public relations can maximize earned media to tell your foundation’s story.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness about animal welfare is vital. Earned media is the best way to shine light on your foundation’s goals to help animals. With effective public relations, you can rely on newspaper reporters, podcast hosts and television personalities to tell your story and drive interest. They will give you opportunities to show how your foundation is an ambassador for animal welfare by shining light on its depth of involvement.

Reaching Investors

Foundation investors come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes their pocketbooks. Whether you’re looking for career philanthropists or everyday people wanting to help, animal welfare PR can reach investors. Experts know to which publications, news programs and podcasts to pitch your story.

How do you balance your foundation’s good works with the need for funding? Animal welfare public relations experts offer the kind of experience needed to drive donations while keeping your message front and center. Animal welfare PR provides all the usual elements of public relations with a hyper focus on animals, their well-being and appropriate publicity.

Expertly pitched press releases can make a huge difference in expanding your PR reach. Animal welfare PR professionals can help you build a solid donor base. From newspaper and magazine articles to television and podcast interviews, an experienced animal welfare PR agency can use earned media to promote your cause. Your organization is more likely to be trusted when others voice approval of your cause.

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