There’s a “Dumbo” remake coming out in 2019. The tale of the flappy-eared elephant was one that always tugged at my heart strings when I was a kid, and honestly, I can’t watch the new film’s trailer without getting a bit misty-eyed either. When I was a kid, I thought the saddest part of “Dumbo” was the storyline with his mother. As an adult, I realize there’s something much, much worse.

Conservancy remains best practice

All too often, animals are used for our entertainment. Circuses, amusement parks and some zoos are notorious for this. I recognize that not all zoos are like the other, and many zoos, like the one in our backyard in Knoxville actively practice conservancy toward animals. Zoo Knoxville and many others across the country are working together to create a solution to save species from extinction, and at Orange Orchard, we support that mission wholeheartedly.

But, there are other organizations in this world, such as circuses and amusement parks that don’t have such a philanthropic attitude toward the animals that walk this earth. Dumbo might be a fictionalized character, but elephants and other animals are used daily for entertainment purposes. They’re kept in cages, shipped across-country and only let out for training or when a willing audience is willing to pay.

We’ll help you

At Orange Orchard, we don’t believe animals were put on this planet for our amusement. We believe strongly in the rights of animals, big and small, and specialize in cruelty free public relations. We believe all animals should be protected, and if your organization feels the same, let us help.