The world is changing, and with the help of financial institutions like BlackRock, it’s starting to change just a little faster. BlackRock is the world’s largest fund manager, and their recently-announced stance on climate change puts serious financial muscle behind promoting sustainability. The company has divested its actively-managed portfolios from coal companies, dumping more than $500 million in shares. Environmental public relations turns events like these into game-changing stories.

Reinforcing Positive Perception

The world is changing. It seems like, every day, more financial institutions, corporations and cultural organizations are making headlines for promoting sustainability and a healthy environment. In today’s market, going green can help companies make a lot of “green” — it’s not just good for the planet, it’s great for their returns, too.

This is because consumers and decision-makers care about the values of the companies they support, and building a strong reputation for environmentally friendly values is a great opportunity to build goodwill.

Finding New Partners

When a company shifts away from supporting non-renewable fossil fuels to promote sustainability, it’s a giant step forward, and one that deserves to be publicly celebrated. A strong public relations strategy can leverage these events to enhance the company’s reputation and visibility. Along every step of the chain, promoting sustainability helps build value, trust and connection, and it draws people closer to the brands involved.

Whatever their industry, companies can benefit from partnering with an environmental PR agency to make a splash about their commitment to sustainability and the steps they’re taking to get there. If you’re ready to help generate more green for your company by promoting your green initiatives, our experts are ready to help. Contact Orange Orchard online, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.