If you’re still wondering whether your business should adopt sustainability as part of its identity, don’t wait much longer. A recent study strongly suggests that, contrary to conventional wisdom, sustainability practices are much more likely to boost the bottom line than lead to negative financial outcomes.

One benefit is that the implementation costs of environmental safeguards are usually offset by increased efficiency. Another is that sustainable, environmentally conscious brands are increasingly attractive to consumers, who recognize the long-term value of recycled packaging, renewable energy and local sourcing — and are willing to pay for it. And where consumer demand I rising, investor interest is too. In addition, current climate challenges present a wide-open opportunity for innovation.

In the not too distant future, environmental policies and business practices that seem optional now will be mandatory. Companies that adapt, and entrepreneurs with instincts for innovation, will survive and thrive; traditionalists who see sustainability as a burden to the bottom line will sink.

Most companies that commit to reducing their carbon footprint and implementing new green initiatives can use a guide to help craft a clear, comprehensive brand message. If you’re planning green efforts to help your company grow, a sustainable public relations agency like Orange Orchard can connect you and your company’s story with consumers and investors who care about the planet as much as you do.

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