Welcome to the Orange Orchard news roundup! This week, we’re talking all about Earth-friendly efforts making headlines, from Nike’s new commitments for the Summer Olympics to the future of foam containers. With environmental public relations, your company can share in this world-changing visibility!

Actor Joaquin Phoenix Is Using His Fame for Good

This Hollywood awards season has been dominated by a human on a mission to improve the wellbeing of others. Joaquin Phoenix celebrated his Oscar victory by taking a stand for animal rights and against injustice. If you haven’t seen the speech, we think it’s well worth paying attention to.

You can read more about Phoenix’s efforts on CNN.

Retailers Across the Country are Becoming More Sustainable

Companies like Levi’s, Lush and even IKEA are charting paths into a more sustainable future. Stacey Widlitz of Forbes has written about what these retailers and others are doing to go green and provide goods that consumers can feel good about.

Here’s what’s going on in the world of sustainable manufacturing, from Forbes.

Nike’s Olympics Uniforms to be the Greenest Yet

We’re excited for the Olympics this year, and not just for the sports. These Olympics are charting new courses for sustainability in everything from architecture to athletic wear. Nike, especially, is taking a chance on new fabrics and materials that they plan to roll out in future clothing. Not only do their Olympic uniforms have a lower carbon footprint, but they perform better, too. Let’s hope that sustainability win can lead to some wins for our team this summer!

Thanks to Business Insider for covering Nike’s Olympian efforts.

When the Old Guard Refuses to Change, Step in to Make Things Better

At Orange Orchard, we’re proud to support companies working to make the world a better place. That’s because we know self-interest can only go so far, and you can’t sell foam cups if you don’t have a planet to sell them to. While some are refusing or fighting change, our own clients have shown us that the better path forward is embracing it as it comes, and doing your best to make things better for the future. To take a page from Simon Sinek, the best companies aren’t built around what they make, but how they can stay in the game.

Read all about the current container controversy in The New York Times.

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