Sustainability and green spaces are going to become even more a priority in 2021. During the COVID-19 pandemic, clean air became a focal point in our lives. We began to think more about indoor air quality than we ever had before. We also began to embrace the outdoors and open spaces. It wasn’t a new concept, but it’s a regenerative design trend that’s expected to continue:

Even before 2020, incorporating operable windows and programmable outside spaces adjacent to buildings had become an emphasis of regenerative design. Not only can non-conditioned space cut energy demand; there’s also increasing evidence that putting people in closer contact with nature helps to enhance their productivity.

That’s right. Sunlight and fresh air make a happier worker.

Continued change

Changes are being made that will change the trajectory of the construction industry as more companies and projects implement green building methods. As an green construction public relations agency, we applaud every single one of these changes, and we’re proud to work with companies across the globe that are helping the industry evolve and grow.

That evolution goes beyond design or methods, though. According to Green Building Elements the search for non-traditional building materials will be also be focus in 2021:

According to several market reports, the green building materials market is expected to reach $1 trillion in 2021. Eco-conscious construction trends and the increase in non-residential green buildings in the U.S. is driving the explosion in demand for green building materials. Non-residential buildings compose 40-48% of green buildings in the U.S. up from 1.4% in 2005. This green construction trend is responsible for over 3.3 million jobs created in 2018.

As green construction continues to become more prominent, it’s time to consider bringing in a public relations team who understands the industry and knows how to help you succeed. Contact the Orange Orchard team today and let us get started.