Does your plant-based business take advantage of partnering with other like-minded businesses to help increase visibility and awareness of your brand? Researching and cultivating business relationships with complementary businesses is one of the best ways to leverage your brand’s image with customers you may not reach on your own.

The relationship needs to be a win-win for both businesses, and each business needs to be able to offer something the other business wants. Making your plant-based business more attractive to other businesses looking for partnerships is key, and having a robust plant-based public relations strategy could position your business as a desirable partner.

Here are some ways plant-based public relations lead by an experienced agency like Orange Orchard can help your business attract the best business partners for your brand:

1-Strategic PR makes your brand more sought-after. PR done well will give your brand high visibility, making compatible business partners take notice when you reach out with a B2B partnership offer. If you offer vegan dog treats that are popular with vegans, you could reach out to a pet grooming service where you could access the non-vegan dog lover market, and the pet grooming service benefits by gaining access to vegan dog lovers who need a trustworthy groomer.

2-Strategic PR is beneficial to both partners. PR done well attracts media attention, and when there are two businesses working together, you could garner twice the media interest. While partnering with a business that compliments yours is best, do be careful not to partner with a competing brand.

3-Strategic PR utilizes social media to co-brand. Plant-based PR experts know what keywords and phrases to use in social media to get attention and foster lead generation. By co-branding social media posts both brands can benefit from the increased audience reach.

Hiring a PR agency that knows the plant-based industry and its consumers can help your brand attract new and exciting B2B partnerships, but it needs to be strategic. Orange Orchard can help you create B2B partnerships that last. Call us at (865) 977-1973 to see how we can make it happen.