Launching a successful startup, as anyone should know, requires extensive planning. Getting your priorities in check during the mapping period will set the tone for the entire flight of your business. While you’re strategizing the takeoff for your vegan startup, have you weighed the benefits of incorporating a public relations plan?

Here are some ways vegan public relations can help get your startup off the ground:

PR tells your story

You could start a truly revolutionary business, but without a developed and publicized brand story, you probably won’t be achieving the numbers you anticipate. A vegan public relations agency like Orange Orchard can build awareness to your image, allowing better control over how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

PR builds trust

After your brand story is developed, you want it to be publicized in a trustworthy manner. For instance, when applying for a job, a potential employer is probably going to ask you for a few third party sources. In the same way, potential customers want to see your sources. A public relations agency will build relationships with those third parties, who can write about you and interview you as an expert in your field, building trust between your brand and your target audience.

PR boosts your recognition

Once you establish yourself as an expert to the media, and ultimately to your target audience, those articles, interviews and press releases developed through PR will boost your brand recognition organically and through SEO. And the more recognition you get, the more your PR agency can leverage to keep the ball rolling.

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