It’s happening. The meat industry is coming for plant-based meat alternatives.

Ads touting the evils of meat alternatives are hitting TV, online and print. According to an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

The ads seem to imply that not only is a faux burger an “ultra-processed” patty, but that it might be junk food that is even junkier than the average beef burger.

But these ads don’t tell the whole story. They are aimed at painting meat alternatives as junk food, but they ignore many of the problems of large-scale meat production. That’s why it’s essential for your plant-based public relations message to show the big picture. And the truth is, it’s not just about health.

Remember the Environment

The environmental impacts of the meat industry are compelling reasons for people to reduce the amount of meat they eat in their daily lives. Even if the person isn’t switching to an entirely plant-based diet, choosing to eat plant-based meals occasionally helps our living planet Earth.

One person eating one plant-based meal per day for a year prevents the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving from L.A. to New York City. That is a compelling reason to eat a plant-based meat alternative.

Talk About Animal Welfare

Animals in the meat and dairy industry live dismal, short lives in brutal conditions. There are currently no laws in the U.S. regulating treatment of or cruelty against farm animals. Lowering demand for animal products means fewer animals will be subjected to cruelty, another great reason for consumers to choose plant-based meat alternatives.

Be Upfront About Ingredients

No manufactured meat alternative is as healthy as a plate of organic vegetables, but neither is mass-produced meat. You should be upfront and honest about your product’s ingredients or risk losing consumer trust.

Demystify ingredients and let consumers know where else they might find what’s in your meat alternative. For example, titanium dioxide sounds scary, but it is an additive in all kinds of packaged foods. You could also remind consumers that mass-produced meat contains antibiotics and other additives that are harmful to humans.

Partner with a Pro

The plant-based food marketspace is booming, but there is also a lot of history and variety in the market. Those who are longtime vegetarians and vegans, for example, aren’t jumping on the meat alternative bandwagon because they don’t tend to crave meat.

A public relations agency with plenty of experience with plant-based products can help you navigate this territory, identify your customer avatar and craft your message accordingly, shielding you from the attack ads.

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