When we think about the use of public relations to enhance our business or non-profit organization, we often think about it in terms of how it helps humans.

But, animals can also benefit from PR.

Public relations can be a cost-effective tool your organization uses to effectively raise awareness and tell the stories of the animals you are helping.

Telling the right story

Public relations is the art of telling a story in a way that captures the attention of your target audience.

And, the welfare of animals often contains a number of stories that are relatable to the public. Whether that story is about your organization or the animals themselves, it’s often a story people can make an emotional connection with.

According to lawyer and non-profit leader Kathleen Kelly Janus, two-thirds of American charities struggle to bring in $50,000 annually because they aren’t telling the right story – or any story.

Look around your organization. There are compelling stories there you can tell that will raise awareness and make your fundraising efforts more fruitful.

You just have to know how to craft these stories in the right way to build success.

Getting the right story out the right way

But, even with the right stories, your chances of getting your message out to the right people is limited if don’t have an effective animal welfare public relations campaign.

Making sure your events and fundraising schedule lands in front of the right people requires a plan that pulls in both traditional media and an online presence. This strategy often involves a careful combination of content production and media outreach.

As an agency experienced with animal welfare PR, Orange Orchard knows how to combine those efforts to produce a successful message people want to hear and a story that they’ll want to support.

Our team of writers and media consultants wants your animal welfare organization to thrive because we care about your cause. We are PR experts who want to live in a kinder world. What better way to do that than to use our knowledge to help the animals you also care about?

If it’s time to start getting the word out about your animal welfare organization, give Orange Orchard a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online today. We‘re ready to tell your story.